‘PDP is no longer a contender’, Nigerians react to Rhodes-Virvor Campaign in Lagos  

Nigerians have reacted to Labour Party Candidate, Rhodes-Virvour’s Campaign Lagos market ahead of Saturday’s Poll.


Reacting to a post made by Tribune Online which reached over 68,000 internet users, Nigerians have expressed their feelings in response to Rhodes-Virvour’s campaign.


@Aki Godluv Stan: This is the looks Peter Obi had brought to labour party and it is really intimidating so much that politicians had resorted to buying the whole INEC rather than buying votes. PDP is no longer a contenders


@Hunga Adebowale Adeleyeinike: This movement has become an headache for the opposition Hahaha GBADEBO is the next governor of our state lagos state LP all the way


@Ifetoye John Kehinde: Opportunity to do gragra. The last election created this atmosphere for gbadebo. We shall see how juicing or funny it will be on Saturday sha


@David Owei: This one will be social media Governor, as Peter Obi is now social media President


@Victor Agwu: He’s the next governor of Lagos State. Vote Labour Party convincingly so that the world will know that Tinubu isn’t the owner of Lagos State but the people


@Aratumi Sameeh Taiwo


Na so we voted peter obi


U people started shouting igbo won Yoruba in Lagos


We are not doing that this time


@David Sunny


We’ll vote for him. Not because Sanwo-Olu is too bad, but because of his character-decaying godfather, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


Mr. Peter Obi: Please, my President-elect, you’re once again needed to help Mr. Gbadebo campaign for these few days left.


@Chinelo Okpala: Guys!! You need a breath of fresh air in lagos.. no Godfatherism.. someone who doesn’t need to spend to win.. a person that you vote yourself will listen to the people that put him there but a person that godfathers install will listen to his godfather and not the masses.. Lagos can do better!!


@Abimbola Oyelese: No sane society will change a performing Governor like Sanwo-Olu & bring in mediocre like this Gbadebo Chinedu Rhode-Vivour who’s known Ipob supporter.


Lagos can’t become a hub of Ipob. We don’t want to be sitting at home every Monday in Lagos.


(Nigerian Tribune)


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