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Pastor Kumuyi reveals how Deeper Life Pastor recovered from COVID-19, says the virus is real

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The General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church (DLBC), Pastor William Kumuyi, has reaffirmed that COVID-19 is real following his personal observation with his junior pastors and reassures the world of God’s solution to every problem.

Kumuyi stated that the virus is not politically arranged as widely believed and noted that the experiences of some DLBC members in Nigeria and abroad, showed that the virus is real.

The cleric spoke in Lagos on Tuesday at an interaction with the press ahead of the church’s global crusade which started on Tuesday. The event tagged ‘Great Miracle Explosion Crusade,’ will run till December 26 at the Deeper Life International Conference Centre (DLICC), Km 42, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Responding to questions on the virus, Kumuyi said: “Concerning COVID, I want to say that from my observations, from looking at things, I know that Covid-19 is real; it is not fake, it is not a politically arranged thing to do whatever. It’s real.

“We’ve had people who had real COVID situations and they were in isolation. In fact, one of our men, one of our pastors was about passing away. According to him, he had said his last prayer because in that isolation, he had seen other people dying, just going like that. I knew about it and I called him on phone and prayed with him.

“Within, I would say, one hour, he was completely healed. He went to the toilet, got up by himself, came out by himself and the Lord brought him back to life.”

He added that in America a child contracted the virus at school, infected six family members but got healed after a prayer through the phone.

“Just this week in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of our leaders there was in isolation and it was COVID-19. They called on the phone and I prayed. I got their text yesterday that everything is all right. So, Covid-19 is real but God has a solution for every problem.” He therefore, advised everyone to keep to safety rules and precautions.

Meanwhile, Kumuyi has said the Church’s crusade will address personal and national problems in the country as it is the multiplication of what had happened in the year.

The General Superintendent explained that lives would be touched and the nation would be greatly be impacted after the programme.

“As to affecting the nation on all these things we are doing, Jonah went to Nineveh. He delivered his message; the rest was now in the hands of the people to accept the message, believe the message, and act on it and everything turned around for Nineveh.

“For us as well, God is still the same, humankind is still the same. The moment we believe in the Lord, everything will be all right. So, I can say we are going to deliver the message God has given as a good news of the Lord Jesus Christ and the good news is supposed to do good in every life and as we all receive it, our leaders receive it as well, I believe there will be a turning around for lives and families and for our nation,” he said.

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