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‘One sin too many’: Nigerians react to NDLEA’s drug charge against Abba Kyari

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A statement on Monday disclosed that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has issued a fugitive warrant against suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari.
According to the NDLEA, Kyari is wanted over alleged links with drug trafficking.

The emerging story involved this embattled Nigerian ‘Super Cop’, has stirred debates in various quarters and social media is agog, with Nigerians longing to get a full understanding of what is really happening with regards to the officer who not too long ago was indicted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Below are some reactions culled from social media regarding Abba Kyari being declared wanted by the NDLEA:

Yusuf Bello Umar

North, South, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo etc, whoever is found guilty should be punished according to the law. I can’t support a criminal simply because he is part of me. There are another set of criminals in the Nigeria Civil Service and their days are numbered.

Ogbeni Dayo

It’s such a shame what has happened to this once great and dedicated police officer.

Usman Ndako

This is proof that Nigeria Police is being run by criminals and syndicates, a top senior police officer? This is one of the reasons why corruption and insecurity will never end because the institutions tasked with that responsibility are colluding with criminals

Corruption is a culture. He, the much-revered Kyari is a criminal in police uniform whose exploit desires in-depth scrutiny. He must have created a cartel of criminal elements within and outside the police that will require time, energy, and resources to unravel. Nigeria is a movie, every day several scenes are played.


If they are really serious and not that they want to make this man a scape goat, they should go the whole hog because 99.9% of security men in Nigeria are associates of crooks and drug barons and 419 men; Nigeria is being ruled by embezzlers policed by crooks and have men of flawed character to judge over our cases. A sad and terrible country we inhabit

Tayo Ayano

We used to think he was our Supercop. Alas, he’s as incompetent and unintelligent as a primary school teacher delivering lecture in an MBA class. Abba Kyari isn’t a lone wolf; this is what pertains across board in our security agencies. They collude with criminals to satiate their greed.

Samuel Edem Duke

I hope mr president is taking note of his superman.. The US case hasn’t finished, now comes the Nigeria case. The government should understand that in Nigerian police, they are a lot of Kyari, he is bad and evil, that’s why his secret is coming out and the blood of very innocent youth soul he killed are crying loud.

Chinedu Okere

My submission: Whoever is indicted for corruption in the country, regardless of his status, should be dealt with in accordance with the law. This case should be thoroughly investigated and handled accordingly.

Adiku Abah Jonah

Buba Marwa at work….

Now my fellow arewa people will says he is innocent….

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