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Nigerians express outrage over doctor’s death inside faulty Lagos hospital elevator

Nigerians have taken to multiple social media platforms to bemoan the recent death of Dr. Vwaere Diaso, who died Tuesday, following an elevator accident at the General Hospital in Odan, Lagos State.


According to findings by our correspondent, the hospital elevator that killed the late Diaso crashed from the 10th floor to the ground floor, reports The PUNCH.


It was also gathered that the late doctor was rushed to the emergency ward of the hospital for treatment but eventually died.


Dr Odiaso was a graduate of Babcock University and had two weeks left to complete her housemanship, before the unfortunate incident.


More Nigerians have since taken to social media to blast the management of the Lagos General Hospital, Odan, for its poor response to the accident which cost the young doctor her life.


A Netizen, Ugwunna Ejikem tweeted: “Before she died, it took over an hour for intervention to come. INSIDE a hospital she works in. It’s why I get irritated when ‘lay people’ blame the average doctor for avoidable deaths that occur due to the systemic rot in our health sector. We’re victims too. We’re not spared!”


Another Netizen, Olanrewaju Aiyepola tweeted: “I am particularly aggrieved because we’ve complained for a long time about this elevator. We’ve maneuvered, managed, and prayed each time we had to use it. Empty promises will be made to fix it….till it killed one of us.


“Everyone responsible either directly or indirectly must be held accountable.”


Ikem Okona also tweeted: “Name and shame the people responsible, leave the country out of it. You, people, shouldn’t see all misfortune as an opportunity to bash the country. That’s a generalist position and would be deflecting from the real situation and how to curb it.”


Omolayo on Twitter wrote: “My heart is heavy right now the fear, the pain, the cry, everything she must have felt could have been avoided, I keep getting scared of this country as the day goes by. Another promising life has been taken from us this is so sad, Nigeria failed us once again.”


Uche Diala wrote: “This is most annoying and unfortunate.


Rest in peace won’t be enough.”


Also, Sunny Abimbola wrote: “Why do we lack maintenance culture in our public facilities? It’s sad that the negligence of either the management/government is the cause of her untimely death.


May her soul rest in peace also may God grant her family the fortitude to endure her demise.”


Amaka Olaneya calling out the General Hospitals in Lagos state tweeted: “Immediately you fall sick as a medical personnel and you’re taken to the government hospital, you’re at the same level with every patient there. You’ll see the same ‘shege’ those patients are seeing. It’ll only take a miracle to have it easy.”


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