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Nigeria is sick and needs drastic healing — Ikimi

•Kankara students abduction is call for decentralization of Nigeria’s security

Warri based human rights lawyer, Mr. Oghenejabor Ikimi, has described the abduction of over 300 school boys at Kankara, Katsina State, as a wake-up call on the need for Nigeria to decentralize her security architecture.

Describing Nigeria particularly the ountry’s security structure as being “sick with an urgent need for drastic healing,” Mr. Ikimi noted that the effrontery of the gunmen to strike while President Muhammadu Buhari was on a one week private visit to the state, is a slap on the face of Nigerians and Mr. President.

Ikimi also lampooned the federal government over what he said is the consistent condemnation of such incidents whenever such attacks arises saying, “How long would we be condemning without being proactive?”

He said: “The condemnation of the incident by the federal government and closure of schools in the state by the state governor is their usual way of reacting to such issues, how long will we be condemning? There are little or no security measures put in place to forestall such incidents.

“My posers to the army authorities and government are; Why was the tactical team not on ground to checkmate the excesses of these terrorists rather than being sent from Abuja?

“Why did the army had to wait for the incident before it located the den of these bandits as it claimed? What did they do with the reports by locals in the community of a likely attack? What happened to our safe school initiative program?

“Their after reactions to the incident is indeed a shame and has shown that Nigeria is sick. Until we decentralize our internal security in line with the various geopolitical regions, we shall continue to grow on the back of obscurity because the entire country is currently insecure and the country is sick, no thanks to how our security is structured.”

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