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Nigeria falling apart under Buhari, Kukah tells US Congress

Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Matthew Hassan Kukah, has appeared before the US Congress in Washington, DC, testifying to the persecution of Christians in Nigeria.

“Under President Buhari, the country is falling apart. We have never been this divided,” Bishop Kukah told the US Congress during his testimony on Tuesday, July 13.

He lamented that things are unraveling under the watch of President Muammadu Buhari, saying that his government is either helpless or unconcerned and nepotistic.

“Every outlet has been Islamized,” Kukah lamented.

He condemned as a totally misplaced priority, the $2 billion railway line to neighbouring Niger Republic being built by the Buhari administration, saying: “Buhari is spending billions of dollars on a railway to another country when his own people can’t feed.”

A number of US congress members who spoke at the session aligned themselves with Kukah’s testimony.

Congressman Chris Smith spoke of “threat to Nigeria of Fulani ethno-religious supremacists,” alleging that Buhari has filled so many top positions with Fulanis.

On her part, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee said: “I’m not happy with President Buhari. I represent the most Nigerian Americans in American – Houston. I studied Nigeria and studied in Nigeria in Lagos.”

“I will be meeting with Nigeria advocates in the coming weeks,” she added.


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