Minority parties’ Senators move against Atiku’s bid to make Tambuwal Minority Leader

Senators elected on the platforms of opposition political parties have moved against the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar’s bid to foist former Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tambuwal as Senate Minority leader, the News Express reports.


The agitated Senators have vowed to resist Atiku’s move to impose Tambuwal on them just the same way they fought against the imposition of Godswill Akpabio, by the All Progressivs congress (APC) and President Bola Tinubu on the Senate. A substantial number of opposition Senators voted for Senator Abdullazeez Yari during the contest for the Senate’s top job.


A PDP Senator from Rivers State and another Senator from the North and a ranking Senator from the South West spoke under the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue vowed to resist attempts to impose Tambuwual on them. They expressed their readiness to vote for any person other than him.


The group is insisting that Tambuwal has a record of throwing his political allies under the bus at critical moments to promote his selfish interest and lacks the capacity to provide the needed leadership to them as minority leader.


The Senators resolved to vote for any ranking Senator other than the former Sokoto State Governor.


Some of the minority Senators who spoke after a meeting on Wednesday said that the indications are clear that with what Tambuwal did against the PDP, he would use the minority leader position to negotiate and apologise to President Tinubu who he betrayed after making him Speaker of the House of Representatives.


The Senators stated that they know that Tambuwal whose regime has come under scrutiny in Sokoto State is on a mission to use the minority leader position for negotiate for self preservation and use the platform to run for Presidential election in 2027.


Because of his inconsistency, unreliable nature and slippery character, both the President and Akpabio have made it clear to Senators close to them that on no account should he be supported.


As a result of his antecedents Senator are rejecting calls by PDP officials and their governors insisting that Tambuwal is no option.


One of the sources said: “You can trace the major political activities of Tambuwal for the past one decade? Do you really think such a politician who cannot be trusted. He seems to have a record of treachery and betrayal of close friends and allies as he did to Jonathan, Wike, Tinubu himself and several others.


“In 2019, He went against his party, the PDP, and a sitting president to rubbish the PDP zoning arrangements just because it favored him; he is always plays to ethnic and religious card when it favors him.


“When he became speaker with the support of opposition elements (that is Tinubu, Buhari and other leaders), he used the platform of speakership to effectively rubbish the presidency of Jonathan and the PDP and decamped/abandoned the party that made it possible and moved to the APC and negotiated to be governor.


“Buhari, Tinubu, Wamako and others rewarded him for his treachery against the PDP but his ambition could not be accommodated so He betrayed Wamako, Tinubu, Buhari and aligned with Atiku and came back to PDP with the APC mandate that was given to him with the hope of running for presidency.


“Wike against all odds backed him and promised to deliver the presidential nomination to him but thank God that did not succeed.


“In 2021 he again went for a presidential visit but this Time did not get Wike’s support, he then betrayed Wike finally instead of supporting him to reward him for his loyalty in the primaries. This is the record of the politician Atiku wants to foist as minority leader on the party.


“Also, his senatorial election in Sokoto, is now being contested; he was desperate to come to the Senate with the ambition that he would be rewarded with the position of the senate president.


“When it emerged that the PDP did not get majority and with the defeat of Atiku and Okowa, Atiku and the PDP then changed their plan to make him minority leader to compensate him.


“This explains why the PDP and other opposition senators are rejecting him saying that he has an antecedent of treachery and betrayal and placing ambition over party, friendship and anything else and that kind of person is not going to have their support,” another Senator said.


Wike and his group are capitalizing on this to mobilize support for a senator from the north central who will be unveiled soon.


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