LP House of Reps candidate vows to make Oshodi-Isolo major commercial-hub of Lagos

The Labour Party House of Representative Candidate for Constituency 2 Oshodi-Isolo, Prince Okey-Joe Onuakalusi has vowed to make the constituency the major commercial hub of Lagos, saying that both the Federal and Lagos state governments are short-changing it by way of poor infrastructural development policies.


Prince Okey-Joe who spoke to the media on the issues of the forthcoming 2003 elections said that if the state government was up and doing, Oshodi-Isolo would be receiving a large chunk of its urban renewal efforts because of the economic potential of that part of Lagos.


Therefore, he vowed that if elected come February 25, he would be working hard to ensure that Oshodi-Isolo Constituency 2 gets the needed support to further build its potentials and attract more investments in its overall interest.


According to him, his focus would not just be to boost its commercial and industrial potentials, but that effort would be made on his part to support cottage industries, SMEs, ICT start-ups and what have you.


As he maintained, this would be via the always over-locked doors of technical education, training, micro-credit support and provision of needed gadgets, equipment and consultancy etc.


He also said that since entertainment, which is becoming a money spinner for youths and others, this fact would further inspire the soccer competition and musical competition that he want to introduce in the area as a way of developing talent and backing them with needed financial support to achieve their dreams.


For Okey-Joe the greatest idea he wants to achieve, going forward, is to begin a Town-Hall meeting for the constituency where people are free to air their minds and put forward any idea that they may feel would move the constituency forward,saying that the meeting would be the power house for his actions and reactions and projects when elected.


He therefore called on all and sundry in the constituency who feel that the status-quo needs to be changed to join hands with him in ensuring that Labour Party wins both the Presidency and the House of Reps position for the constituency in question.


According to him, Labour Party is people-centrist and will not fail in ensuring a better welfare package for the people-”all the people.


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