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Judge sits in make-shift Courtroom to clear cause-list in Kaduna

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Mr. Tajudeen Oladoja, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), has commended Justice Kabir Dabo of Kaduna State High Court 1, Dogarawa Zaria, for sitting in court clerks’ office, a make-shift court room, in an effort to ensure speedy justice delivery.
Oladoja made the remarks during his maiden appearance as a SAN at the High Court, Zaria Division of Kaduna state judiciary division, on Monday.

He said: “My lord, I don’t have case before you, it will be very unfair for me to be in the division without visiting the presiding judge of this division. However, I appeared before High Court Number three.’’

He said he choose to visit the Presiding Judge of Zaria Judicial Division, Justice Kabir Dabo, where he discovered that the appeal session of Kaduna state High Court was holding in Zaria.

He added that his court room was the court where the two judges that would sit on appeals would use, his court room is accommodating the visiting judges and counsels who came to Zaria for the appeals.

“There are two court rooms in High Court Dogarawa Zaria which are High Court number one and three; which are all occupied; to my surprise, Justice Dabo did not allow his cause list to suffer.

“Instead of the litigants to be given an adjournment to other dates for their cases under the guise of appeals session is on, Justice Dabo found `a make shift arrangement’ to decongest his cause list.

“He used court clerk’s office though not conducive room to decongest his list for today and that is how he will do throughout the duration of the appeal which will lapse on Thursday, Friday being a work-free day in Kaduna.

“This is commendable and the Bar cannot keep quiet on this,” he said.

Oladoja said he found judges in Kaduna state in general as very upright judges who were deserving of being commended by all that have interfaced with them.

Responding, Justice Kabir Dabo, appreciated Oladoja for the visit and tasked senior lawyers to strengthen mentorship of upcoming young lawyers.

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