It’s embarrassing campaigning for 2023 with our varsity students at home – Obi

•Wished that funds collected from presidential aspirants be channeled to ASUU demands

Frontline Presidential Aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mr Peter Obi has lamented and expressed regret that “we are campaigning for 2023 with Nigerian our children who should be in school whiling away time at home.”


Obi said this on Wednesday while responding to a question from a Nigerian student when he appeared at a popular Abuja based human rights Radio and Television station more known as berekete family in Abuja.


The former Anambra state Governor said that he finds it disheartening that the noise of 2023 is dominating the space rather than the plight of Nigerian students wasting at home and being exposed to all kinds of danger and degradations.


Enough to settle the demands of the Obi said that the N40m and N100m being collected for form from Presidential aspirants from the two leading political parties is enough to meet some demands of ASUU


He noted that the genesis of the ASUU strike is in the inability of government to keep agreements and that stems from the value we place in Education which should be the biggest investment.


Obi said that if he is elected President of this country, he will make Nigeria a producing nation because that is the only way to have a strong and viable economy.


He remarked that Nigeria economy is down because the operating system is in sharing rather than producing.


When asked how he intend to create a viable economy if elected he said he would start by cutting off excess wastages that is prevalent in our system. He gave graphic account of how he did same as Governor of Anambra state and was able to achieve much without owing and having more to invest.


Obi also spoke extensively on how his Presidency will tackle the nation’s persisting problems especially cohesion, insecurity and power generation and among others.


On security he noted that most of the bandits and gunmen could not have been in the crime if the government had provided for them by doing the needful.


The Presidential aspirant told a Nigerian trained doctor who called from Saudi Arabia and wanting to know what Obi can do if elected to stop the doctor’s flight, but rather Obi said he will encourage the training of more doctors and other professionals for exports. He noted that in the year 2030 there will be scarcity of critical professions like Computer engineers and Nurses and nations who plan well can leverage on it and make money exporting them.


The audience of the popular media station across the globe, Italy, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Senegal among others called in to either ask question or to wish Obi well in the Presidential race.


Members of the comic station berekete family also expressed satisfaction with Obi’s response to issues.




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