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Islamization agenda has begun – Shehu Sani

The game going on at Abuja right now has already been known and revealed. I once posted it here, that this government is going to hand over to Boko Haram and ISWAP. The lslamization agenda has finally been activated.

Terrorists have been fully armed with billions of naira acquired through ransom paid to them by Aso Rock and by innocent individuals whom they have extorted. They are getting bolder and attacking here and there in Abuja with the military watching them and pretending to be helpless. Very soon they will takeover Aso Rock and hoist their flag.

Of course there will be no resistance because the Fulani military are in cahoots with them. All the high command of the military are already under the control of the Fulani and they will easily link up with their Terrorist brothers in Boko Haram and ISWAP.

It will look like a military coup, but it will become obvious soon that this is not the kind of military coup Nigerians are known to when they start issuing Islamic martial laws.

Taking over the South is a cake walk for them. Already there are terrorist cells all over the South. These people were brought in with Dangote trucks during the Pandemic in 2020. Truck loads of janjaweeds were offloaded in the the South last year by Dangote and some of these are the Unknown Gunmen (UGM) operating in Igbo land and killing and attacking military with IPOB being blamed for all that.

By the time Boko Haram takes over Aso Rock aided by the military, these well armed terrorist sleeper cells in the South will be activated, supported by Al Shabab who are already in the South West, unknown to the people.

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