Islamic group blames former President Jonathan over Israel-Palestinian crisis


Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has blamed the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan for what Palestine is currently going through in the hands of Israel.

The group also berated Israel for the ongoing bombardment of Palestine with war planes and artillery, describing the attacks as crimes against humanity.

MURIC wondered why the United Nations and other world powers watch on while Israel destroys Palestine, a people, according to the group, “that does not possess a single war plane or a standing army.”

The Islamic rights group said it was particularly disenchanted with the role of the US in the ongoing crisis, noting that America allows Israel to build a nuclear weapon but hypocritically breathes down the neck of Israel’s neighbours on the issue of nuclear energy, adding that the US has the power to stop Israel’s aggression against Palestine.

MURIC blamed former President Jonathan for the ongoing Israeli aggression against Palestine, accusing him of refusing to recognize Palestine as a state in 2014.


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