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Interior Minister Rauf Aregbesola traced, attacked in US restaurant after shunning Osun election

Even in far away United States, where he travelled, apparently to avoid participating in last Saturday’s governorship election in Osun State, seems not to have guaranteed peace of mind for Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, going by his ordeal in the country.

A trending video has surfaced of the Minister being harassed at a restaurant in the US, by a Nigerian, who however did not explain the reason for his action against the former Governor of Osun State.

The video, surfaced as evidence showed that the former governor, who has been having a serious beefing with his successor, Gboyega Adetola and National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), did not vote at the governorship election on Saturday.

TheCable quotes residents in Ifofin, Ilesha area, where Aregbesola was expected to cast his vote, as saying it is “unlike the minister” who always arrives in his hometown on the eve of an election.

“By now, everywhere will be bubbling with activities because Aregbe would have entered since Friday.

“He is so loved here and he has tried his best for his people. I don’t know why he’s not around this time like he’s always done.”

Aregbesola, who had backed Moshood Adeoti, a former Secretary to the State Government (SSG), for the APC governorship ticket, described the primary as “a sham of an election” after Oyetola prevailed, was spotted at an unnamed public restaurant being heckled by a voice behind the camera, who followed him around while getting his food.

The unknown stalker, who did not reveal his face, was overheard telling the Minister that “this is the US, you can’t touch me,” as he protested over being video-recorded, while at the same time trying using his hands to block the camera apparently to prevent his face from being captured.

At a point, a woman in black dress, believed to be the Minister’s partner, joined in the protest and tried to block the assailant from proceeding with the recording.

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The encounter went thus:

Man: “Hello!”

Puzzled, Aregbesola, carrying a plate and cup, looked at the man in bewilderment returning back to his seat.

Man: “I just said ‘hello’ and he left.”

Aregbesola: Silent, puzzled

Man: “Are you Aregbesola?”

Aregbesola: “Who are you?”

Man: “I’m Nigerian.”

Aregbesola: “What do you want?”

Man: “I don’t want anything. I saw you, I think I recognise you.”

Aregbesola, beckoning on him: “Sit down please.”

Man: “No! Your Excellency…,”

Aregbesola protesting and trying to stop him: “You can’t record me, I have a right to my privacy.”

Man: “You can’t touch me, this is America. This is not Nigeria. This is a free country, you can’t just take my phone.”

Aregbesola: “You cannot record me without my authority.”

Man: “You can’t tell me that; If I want to record Biden, Biden can’t tell me that. If you touch me, I will sue you; I’m an American.”

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