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Insecurity: FG considering restructuring, not separation – Lai Mohammed

On Tuesday in Lagos, the Federal Government gave the closest hint of being committed to restructuring the country.

Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, made the disclosure to the media, which he begged to tone down rhetoric on national challenges.

Beyond the political restructuring which the central authorities said was receiving the attention of all major stakeholders in the polity, the terror war gear was being primed for another level, with the planned prosecution of 400 suspected financiers of alleged terrorism.

In the playbook which the minister said was generated from the recent national dialogue in Kaduna, the judiciary is also listed for unbundling to shake off the yoke of alleged current unitarism in operating the system.

He said: “Gentlemen, the government realises that the security challenges we face today are systemic, hence has – in addition to kinetic efforts – also embarked on various non-kinetic measures to most effectively tackle the challenges.

“Recently, specifically on April 8, 2021, we held a town hall meeting on national security in Kaduna, after which we came out with an implementable 10-point agenda;

“That the governance of human society should be based on law rather than the whims and caprices of human beings and must be obeyed by all as all persons are equal before the law, including the law givers.

“That there is an urgent need for political restructuring and not separation.

“That the judiciary be decentralised and reformed through constitutional amendment to remove the unitary control of the superior courts.”

The remaining seven, according to the minister, include, “That government at all levels should ensure free, qualitative and compulsory primary education for all children of school age,

“That the military, police and other security agencies should be expanded in number, retrained, provided with modern equipment and technology to cope with emerging security challenges,

“That both religious and traditional leaders should encourage and promote intermarriages for unity as contained in the 1999 Constitution as amended, Article 15, 3(c) which prescribes intermarriage, among persons from different places of origin, or of different religious, ethnic or linguistic association or ties.

“That the establishment of State Police should be supported by the National and State Houses of Assembly to enable State Governments have firm control in addressing security issues. “And finally that the farmers/herders clashes be addressed by establishment of ranches, grazing reserves with modern amenities to check the trans-humans of the herders.”

Unlike recent past, he said the government is totally committed to implementation this time. (Nigerian Tribune

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