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I’m connected to my Igbo root – CNN’s Zain Asher

CNN international anchor, Zain Asher has disclosed that she is connected to her Igbo heritage and she lived in Enugu state, Nigeria for two years.


Zain Asher who interviewed the presidential candidate of Labour Party and former governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi on CNN just recently revealed that her parents lived in the northern part of Nigeria and that was how she got her middle as Zainab. So the name Zain emanated from her middle name, Zainab.


Zain Asher disclosed this during an interview just a few moments ago at about the 1st to 3rd minute when she was talking about the roles of women in the media in gender equality.


You will recall that Zain Asher hosted the presidential candidate of labour party, Peter Obi during an interview a few weeks ago on CNN.


Many people didn’t know Zain Asher was of the Igbo extraction probably because of the combination of her name which gave no clue as to her ethnicity.


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