I will never restructure Nigeria, Buhari vows *Warns agitators

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The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, has vowed that his administration will not restructure the country.

According to President Muhammad Buhari, those canvassing for restructuring do not even understand what restructuring means. They are not just naive, but also ignorant.

The President made this statement on Saturday while speaking as a Distinguished Special guest at the Ahmadu Bello University Hotels in Zaria, Kaduna state, at the launching of Kudirat Abiola Sabon Gari, Zaria Peace Foundation.

He is quoted as saying: “Those who are talking about restructuring, my question is, what are you going to restructure?”

“If you ask some Nigerians what they plan to restructure, you will find that they have nothing to say. Some of them are unaware of the 1999 constitution. The 1999 constitution is almost 70 to 80 percent of the 1979 constitution.

” The other issue is that those who advocate for restructuring are at odds with those who advocate for ethnic nationalities. If you go to Southern Kaduna, Taraba, who will represent them? In many states, there are various ethnicities mixed. Even the Kano and Kaduna Igbo have properties. The same is true of the Yorubas.

In Port Harcourt, there is Fulani. So, for those clamoring for secession or restructuring, I will argue that some of them are ignorant or even dangerously wicked.

“Those who advocate for restructuring are oblivious to the realities of war and its effects. Because Nigeria is the most powerful country in West Africa. ”

President Buhari also maintained that it is abnormal for a government like Nigeria to cede its authority to people that are not elected. According to him, “There is no government in the world that will agree to that.”

Buhari also called restructuring an “obscured conference” and claimed that it is not possible for a duly elected and powerful government like Nigeria to condescend so low to discuss how to move the country forward with an “obscured conference.”

Instead, President Buhari urges agitators and those clamouring for restructuring to follow due process as it is enshrined in the constitution. To go back to their representatives in the House of Assembly.

“So those who are doing that should go back and meet their representatives in the House of Assembly and ask for an amendment to the constitution. The correct procedure must be followed,” the president said.


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