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I saw human parts being sold in Port Harcourt – Kidnap victim

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A kidnap victim who was recently released by her captors has narrated the gory things she saw when she was with her captors.

The victim, who identified herself as Leonard Nneka, explained that she was on her way to attend her late friend’s memorial service in Port-Harcourt on the 15th of May 2021, when she was kidnapped.

She said she boarded a bus from Lagos to Onitsha. When she got to Onitsha, she took a bus to Owerri. And from Owerri, she boarded a bus going to Port Harcourt, not knowing that the male passengers in the bus were kidnappers.

According to her, there were five ladies and three guys in the bus from Owerri to Port Harcourt.

In the course of the journey, one of the guys brought out a handkerchief, she felt a hand on her nose and dozed off. On waking up, she realized that her hands and legs were tied and she started shouting because she realized she was in danger.

She was beaten up and stripped naked by their boss and he searched her bag and took everything.

She was told that the only thing that would save her was if she calls her family members. A naked picture of her was taken and sent to her family members via her WhatsApp account.

According to her scary narration, the kidnappers were bargaining with a potential buyer of body parts; informing the customer that they had ‘fresh meat’ for them. She added that the buyers were calling the different parts of the body that they wanted. She said some of them said they wanted only the head, breasts and fingers. Her narration is very gory and almost unbelievable.

Nneka also added that they butchered some people in her presence. She noted that the kidnapper’s emphasized that this is the business they do, and the only way they would release her if her family members are ready to pay for her release. Nneka was interviewed via an Instagram live session by a comedian with the username, the_real_tobe_official.

Read what she said below:

“On Sunday evening, they told me that my people are trying to comply, they came to meet the person sitting on my left hand side and told the person that she would be the next on the line to be killed.

“So they picked of their phone and dialed the number of an Alhaji and informed him that there was fresh meat. The Alhaji replied and said he wants breasts, finger, eye and ear. The Alhaji bargained at three million.

” They carried the girl immediately and she was shouting, crying that she is the only child. Immediately, they cut her head in my presence. After some hours, they took the second girl and called the second buyer. The second buyer requested for her private parts, breast and eye. They killed the second girl in my presence.

“On Monday morning, they killed the third girl in my presence, the buyer requested for her head. On Monday morning, they told me that my people have paid and I’ll be released today. They released me and told me to go and thanksgiving.”

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