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House of Reps Leader, Ado Doguwa, welcomes 28th child, aims at 30 before 2023

Ado Doguwa has 28 children at 56, and more are coming. This makes any prospects of limiting family size by legislation remote.

The Majority Leader in the House of Representatives, Alhassan Ado Doguwa, has announced that one of his wives has given birth to a child.

The 56-year-old lawmaker once introduced his four wives to the House during plenary in January 2020, saying they bore him 27 children.

During today’s plenary Ado-Doguwa said the 28th child was born in the last 24 hours.

He said plans are in top gear to make them 30 before the 2023 election, which is eight months away. This means some of his wives are already pregnant.

Ado Doguwa represents Doguwa/Tudun Wada Federal Constituency and is a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He said: “This is no longer news. It is no longer news because this thing happened in the last 24 hours. It is true that my beloved family has gotten an additional one person. It is a baby girl. Bouncing.

“The mother and the baby are hale and hearty. The husband is still active. I am here. And I thank God that I kept my word with the House that while I had 27, I promised you that I would continue counting. I want by the grace of God and your prayers that the count would continue,” Ado Doguwa said.

The Kano lawmaker jokingly makes case for households with 30 members to have a polling unit.

“Now that we are considering the Electoral Act amendment, I would also add when we get to the floor perhaps in the Committee of the Whole, I would appeal to my members so that we suspend relevant rules and we have a clause in the Electoral Act where it permits families that do have up to 30 kids in their homes to have an electoral polling unit in that family,” he said.

House Speaker, Femi Gbajbiamila, asked if he was working towards a polling unit in his house with two to go, Ado-Doguwa said: “At least between now and 2023 before the elections come, if you allow that, then I would have a polling unit within my home.”

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