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Gumi defends bandits but never speaks for their victims – Reno Omokri

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s media aide, Reno Omokri, has lamented that Islamic cleric, Sheikh Gumi, always speaks for bandits and never for their victims.

He blasted the Nigerian government for tolerating banditry while Igboho and Kanu are in detention.

He wrote on his Instagram handle:

“Every time bandit terrorists threaten Nigeria, all we get from Sheikh Gumi is SILENCE. A very loud SILENCE. But when Nigeria threatens these bandit terrorists, Sheikh Gumi screams LOUDLY in their defence.

“Other than the Sheikh in his name, Gumi is not different from the bandits. Gumi never speaks for the victims. How long shall a government, that is after Igboho and Kanu, continue tolerating the PR work Gumi is doing for terrorists bandits?
“Gumi is an inspiration to these terrorists. He feeds their wickedness with his evil lies that it is Christians that are their enemies. The international community should make Gumi a pariah, because Buhari won’t do it.”

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