Fayose irresponsible to pitch ethnic nationalities against one another – PDP chieftain

A leader of the Peoples Democratic Party in Ogun State, Mr. Oladimeji Fabiyi has said the younger brother of former Ekiti State governor Ayo Fayose, Issac, acted irresponsibly by attempting to pitch ethnic nationalities in the country against one another.


Fabiyi, in a press statement signed by him on Saturday, said that the claim by Issac Fayose which seeks to set the Fulani ethnic nationality against other groups in Nigeria is a politically motivated statement which should be condemned by all well-meaning Nigerians.


“It is unfortunate that the younger brother to Governor Fayose will make such an irresponsible claim that makes the Fulani tribe or any other tribe for that matter, seem like a threat to the peace and unity of this country.


“It is understandable that Issac Fayose is playing politics with his claim and while he or anybody else holds the right not to want support the aspiration of Atiku Abubakar, it is grossly irresponsible to proceed by making claims that can potentially upset national peace and security as a political joker.


“We understand that there are few individuals in the PDP who, for one reason or another, feel that they have different ideas about the upcoming presidential election. But tagging Atiku Abubakar as an ethnic politician is the most irresponsible claim that anyone should make.


“For the purpose of setting the records straight, Atiku has the benefit of more than three decades of experience as a politician; and all through no one person can claim that Atiku is a narrow minded or ethnically biased politician.


“In the aborted Third Republic, Atiku was part of the struggle to enthrone democracy and the heroic roles that he played in those years are there in the library of history for everyone to read through.


“In the current republic also, since 1999, Atiku has played active roles as a democrat and a broad minded politician. Any attempt by Issac and his paymasters to manufacture a new identity for Atiku against his record as an altruistic politician and statesman is bound to fail.


“It is regrettable that in the age when across the globe, the concept of developmental populism is what is driving politics, some unscrupulous elements in Nigeria, will not mind to throw caution overboard by making inflammatory claims that can disturb the peace and unity of our country.


“Therefore, it will be appropriate to call on intelligence and security operatives to interrogate individuals like Issac who find it convenient to play politics on sensitive national security concerns.”

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