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Fani-Kayode slammed for calling Pantami ‘friend’ and ‘brother’ after ‘jihadist’ comment

Femi Fani-Kayode, a former minister of aviation, has on Friday, August 20, come under heavy criticism on social media, after he shared photos he took with Isa Pantami, minister of communications and digital economy having called the minister unprintable names four (4) months ago over alleged ‘terrorist sympathy’ linked to him.


Fani-Kayode attended the wedding of Yusuf, son of President Muhammadu Buhari, held on Friday.


The former minister, known for his fierce criticism of Buhari, announced via his Facebook page that he arrived in Kano on Thursday, August 19, to attend the ceremony.


Fani-Kayode said he flew into Kano in the company of Pantami; Bello Matawalle and Babagana Zulum, governors of Zamfara and Borno; Nuhu Ribadu, a former chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), and other dignitaries — a number of which the former minister has publicly attacked.


Fani-Kayode had, on April 22, described Pantami as a “jihadist”, following the former’s pro-Al-Qaeda views.


In fact, in his words, he wrote:


“Simply put, Pantami is an homicidal, sociopathic and psychotic individual who is a hater of Christians and non-Muslims. He is a religious bigot, an ethnic supremacist, an unrepentant jihadist, a lover of bloodshed, carnage and terror and a psychotic and clearly insane individual who may well have been responsible for the slaughter of many innocent Christians over the years as a consequence of his inflammatory rhetoric and reck actions.”


Meanwhile, the Pantami-FFK pictures shared by him have since elicited intense criticism on Twitter, a microblogging platform, with one of the comments describing him as a man “lacking honour”.


Below are some of the reactions.


“Femi Fani-kayode otherwise known as FFK by many, is that nose that doesn’t perceive it’s smell”.


— Ehi’ Ugbodaga (Ph.D) (@EhiUgbodaga) August 20, 2021


“Let me just block that Femi Fani Kayode (FFK) unscrupulous idiot. Don’t want to see his disgusting tweets”.


— Chuky Unadulterated (@ChukyUnfazed) August 20, 2021


“Anyone could decide to “appoint” Femi Fani-Kayode, based on political patronage or something. But one thing we should never allow is; let him get close to any elective office”.


— Mazi @FestusGreen 🇳🇬 (@FestusGreen) August 20, 2021




— Secure Nigeria❤️ (@AbdullahiJalin1) August 20, 2021


“Femi Fani Kayode is the most shameless man on the surface of the earth. Man eats his vomits on per-second billing”.


— Apro🙀 🇳🇬 (@apro_dawildcat) August 20, 2021


“Femi Fani Kayode is not a man of any form of integrity, he is seen to have on numerous occasions posed for photographs with people he has publicly condemned especially Gov. Yahaya Bello & Min. Isa Pantami”


— Stephen Enunwah (@senunwah) August 20, 2021


“Dear Femi Fani Kayode, @realFFK have you no honor”?


— Thomas NOT Sankara (@Isidore0001) August 20, 2021


“Is my there any politician as shameless as Femi Fani Kayode?.”


— Raymond (@IamTheIroko) August 20, 2021


“This Jihad is an obligation for every single believer…oh God, give victory to the Taliban and al-Qaeda (Allahumma’ nṣur Ṭālibān wa-tanẓīm al Qā‘ida).

-Isa Pantami


“Femi Fani Kayode has gone begging for more food from Pantami a Taliban representative in Buhari’s government”.


— odinakabiafra (@odinakabiafra2) August 20, 2021


“Femi Fani Kayode can sell his shadow for a pinch of salt. He is ridiculously cheap. Even Omojuwa isn’t this cheap. Ezigbote onye ọsọ ahịa. Just nwa jai ego and watch him become your otimkpu. Kai.”


— Afamefuna Ezenwankwọ (@AfamDeluxo) August 19, 2021


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