Ebonyi APC gov aspirant threatens to take fellow aspirant to Court

Samuel Amah-Ugbor, Abakaliki

A governorship aspirant in the just concluded governorship primary election of the All Progressives Congress in Ebonyi State, Senator Julius Ucha, has threatened to sue the immediate past Chairman, Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, Mr Elias Mbam, over the inclusion of his name as a participant in a parallel governorship primary election he conducted, on Thursday in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital.


Recall that Mbam, had, on Thursday conducted a parallel governorship primary in Ebonyi at his campaign office along old Enugu road, where he emerged the winner with 741 votes. Senator Julius Ucha who was included as a participant in the parallel primary election scored four votes.


But Ucha, who was visibly angry while speaking with Journalists, on Friday in Abakaliki, described his inclusion as a participant in the said parallel primary by Mbam as a calculated attempt to smear and blackmail him, and warned that if he fails to retract it, he might take legal action against him.


He disclosed that Mbam never invited or informed him that he was organizing a parallel primary, and couldn’t have scored him in what he knew nothing about.


According to him, there is a limit to the patience I can exercise since he is my in-law, but if he doesn’t retract it, I can take legal action against him.


Ucha said, “I didn’t know that Chief Engr Mbam was organising parallel primary election. He never told me. The last time I can in contact with Engr Mbam was the day we went for screening and exchanged pleasantries. The next day I saw him was yesterday at a peace meeting called by the Commissioner of Police and the Director of SSS. After that meeting, he never told me he was going to organize a parallel primary election.


“So, it was unfortunate that I saw in the social media that he organized a parallel primary election and scored me. I was not in the place he organized the parallel primary election, he didn’t invite me, and he didn’t inform me. So, it came to me as a shocker and when I saw it, I sent him a WhatsApp message and a text message, and expressed my displeasure about the conduct and also asked him to retract it that it was a blackmail to my person and that I personally cannot do such a thing to him.


“But up till now, he has not responded to both the WhatsApp and text messages I sent to his phone. Apparently, if he has called me or responded to my message, then, I would have said, okay, “since you are sorry about what you have done”, and I wouldn’t have been talking to the press or take any other step. But he ignored me, which means, he did it deliberately, apparently because, he feels I cannot do anything. That’s is not good, because what he did is that he smeared my image with an intention to blackmail me.


“I couldn’t have been at the Pa Ngele Oruta stadium where I participated in a primary election that was holding at there and left the stadium when I discovered that the process was skewed to fraud; and I complained to INEC; I complained to the committee there, and also complained to the Governor before leaving the stadium. Because, immediately after the delegated from Abakaliki LGA voted, the place became rowdy and it was occasioned by some stakeholders of government who started calling all the LGAs and every LGA to surround their own box and a stakeholder writing the name of the person they want for them on the ballots and they will be putting it in the ballot box. So, I complained, talked to the press and left.


“It was when I was in primary school that I used to hear that the foremost Zik, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, use to appear in two places at a time, and I don’t even know that I have been promoted to that level by Engr Elias Mbam, believing that I will be at the stadium where I was participating in the primary election and I was also in his own place at the same time. I’m not a spirit, I was at one place.


“So, I didn’t participate in the parallel primary election organized by Chief Mbam, he didn’t inform and I was not aware. I saw it for the first time in the social media and I saw it as a calculated attempt to smear my personality and blackmail me. So, I’m not happy about it.


“He is my in-law and I feel that he should have given me that respect by telling me, he was organizing parallel primary election, let it be that I didn’t go there. But there was no mention of it and when I got to know about it, there was a score, a very derogatory score to my person. Julius Ucha scoring for votes? How I wish they had allowed the one I participated at the stadium to be free and fair,they would have seen what would have happened.


“I won’t allow anybody to put the goodwill I have enjoyed from Ebonyi people in jeopardy; and that’s what Engr Elias Mbam is trying to do. There is a limit to the patience I can exercise since he is my in-law, but if he doesn’t retract it, I can take legal action against him.”


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