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Deeper Life @ 50: Kumuyi calls for a new dream, new beginning

It was indeed an joy and pleasant reminiscences for the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM) as it rolled out the drums in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

*Pastor Kumuyi (3rd from left, wife) and other DCLM leaders unveiling the Deeper Life Study Bible

Coming just a day after its Leadership Strategy Congress at the expanse Deeper Life International Conference Center (DLICC), the celebration saw the convergence of its top echelon from across the globe converge at its sprawling ultra-modern church headquarters, Gbagada, Lagos.

*Abia State II Overseer, Pastor Nkemjika

In his sermon at the 50th Anniversary Celebration Worship Service on Sunday August 13, the Founder and General Superintendent, Pastor William F. Kumuyi said it was, indeed, a momentous day for Deeper Life to celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness over the years.

*Ghana National Overseer

He said the Ministry has come a long way from a humble beginning of just 15 members in the serene and tranquil campus of the University of Lagos to a membership that runs into millions across the continents of the world.

*Pastor Kuber Nayak Bhopa from India

In his now customary pedagogical teaching but simple theological exhortation, Kumuyi counseled his members not to recline so much in the celebration but to use it as a springboard to propel them into a glorious and even more brighter future.


“Celebrating our 50th anniversary affords us the opportunity for a new beginning, for a new heart, a new devotion and a new consecration,” Kumuyi said in his homily titled: ‘Marching Forward With Fresh Vision Into The Future Destiny.’

*Adamawa State Overseer, Pastor Zambwa and wife 

“It provides us a platform to rise higher and an opportunity to do more than anything we have ever done; a new demonstration of deeper love for and commitment to our God.

*DCLM Pastors/Missionaries from Pakistan

Goodwill messages were delivered from across the continents of the world where the church has established presence.


Messages also came in from the Christian community in Zambia represented Pastor Masusu, Bishop Charles of the International Clergy Association, Ghana, and from Joel Freeman, Kumuyi’s close confidant and friend in Europe.


The different Ministries of Deeper Life including Children, Youths, Campus, Young Adults, Women and Men were not left out; they also sent goodwill messages, all highlighting the evident manifestation of God’s holistic goodness to His children.

*One of the National Pastors from Ghana and his wife

But one salient but poignant revelation that resonated all through the gamut of the goodwill messages was the pioneering effort and sacrifice of the visioner and founder, Pastor Kumuyi in whose Flat 2 residence, University of Lagos where he was a Mathematics lecturer, Deeper Life was birthed.

*Ekiti State Overseer, Pastor Dada

Deeper Life commenced its epochal journey on August 3, 1973 when founder (then known simply as Brother Kumuyi), started hosting a Bible study group of 15 people at his official residence, Flat 2, Faculty of Education Campus, University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.


Today, that ‘mustard seed’ of just 15 young men and women who were eager and hungry for the God’s undiluted Word, have crystallized into a global ministry with membership running into millions across the world.


The foundation for the exponential growth of the church across the globe actually started in 1984 when Pastor Kumuyi unveiled a strategic missionary vision and plan, leading to the first mass posting of well trained and dedicated missionaries.

That pioneering effort has gained fruition. And with the commencement of its world evangelization project, Global Crusade with Kumuyi (GCK) in 2021, the DCLM has established churches in 120 countries with virtual missionaries in 97 others.

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