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Children’s Day: Atiku calls for safe learning environments for Nigerian children

Former Vice President of Nigeria and Presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, has called for a renewed focus on education in Nigeria, with particular attention paid to ensuring that our country’s children are safe in their classrooms when they go to learn.

In a message released by his media office in Abuja to mark the 2022 Children’s Day celebration, Atiku pointed out that equipping Nigeria’s children with a solid education is the best way to enable them achieve their dreams and surmount whatever challenges that the society might throw at them.

“I know from personal experience how getting an education can transform someone’s life and influence their destiny in unimaginable ways,” Atiku said.

“My background, the loss of my father at an early age and the environment in which I grew up, were all factors that could have counted against me, but my going to school was the game changer; it made all the difference.”


The Waziri Adamawa also noted the role that education can play in nation building, especially in dispelling tribalism and other clannish divisions by expanding the minds of children to see a world beyond their village or tribe.

“With a solid education, each Nigerian child will grow to learn that we can all do more when we work together than when we are divided,” he said.

The PDP Presidential aspirant called on governments at all levels to ensure that children in schools in all parts of Nigeria study in safety, without fear of being kidnapped, attacked or sexually assaulted.

“Protecting these precious children is a responsibility that the government and security personnel cannot take lightly. By protecting them, we are protecting our country’s future,” he said.

He wishes Nigerian children a happy celebration on this Children’s Day 2022.

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