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Buhari, Malami draged to Court over $23m Abacha loot

The agreement between Nigeria and the United States for the repatriation $23 million that Sani Abacha stole has led to legal action being filed against President Muhammadu Buhari and Attorney-General of the Federation Abubakar Malami (SAN).


The Federal Government and the United States government inked a contract in August to return $23 million in Abacha loot to Nigeria.


It is known that the $23 million would be added to the $311.7 million in Abacha loot that will be returned to Nigeria from the United States in 2020.


The Federal High Court in Abuja has been asked in the lawsuit FHC/ABJ/CS/1700/2022 to order the President and Malami to disclose specifics on how the fund will be managed to the public.


The organization is curious to find out more about the precautions and practices implemented to ensure that the funds are not taken or allocated incorrectly.


In light of the $5 billion in repatriated Abacha loot that hasn’t been fully accounted for since 1999, SERAP claimed that the $23 million in repatriation may also have been handled incorrectly.


The case filed by Kolawole Oluwadare and Atinuke Adejuyigbe mentions the Nigerian Constitution, the Freedom of Information Act, and the country’s legal responsibilities under international law.


The lawyers said that because Nigerians have a right to know how the monies are spent, they anticipate the court’s favorable ruling.


A hearing date for the claim which was filed on Friday has not yet been determined.


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