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Buhari lacks political will to tackle insecurity — Afenifere

The Chairman of Afenifere, a Yoruba socio-cultural political organisation in Oyo State, Dr Gbola Adetunji, on Thursday, said that President Muhammadu Buhari-led government has shown that it cannot tackle insecurity in the country.


He made this known in his welcome address during the inauguration of 33 Local Government Executive members of Afenifere in the state, held at Jogor Centre, Ibadan.


According to him, “our country, Nigeria, and the Yoruba nation is passing through perilous times, the Yoruba nation as it were is under siege by obvious main of banditry, kidnapping, raping of our innocent women and invasion of our farmlands by Fulani under a government that is obviously pursuing an ethnic agenda of invasion and conquering Nigeria and subjecting other ethnic groups and putting them under their imperial subjugation


“This current Buhari government is showing lack of will and an obvious ethic agenda to tackle the sinister state of insecurity in the country.


“Farmers are been attacked, maimed and killed by Fulani herdsmen, and even after been arrested and handed over to the security agents, they are released by orders of the power above to continue their nefarious activities. Our farms are deserted by innocent farmers out of fear of attacks or kidnapping thus fueling food in security in the land.


“The event of today is to galvanize the Yoruba people to a fresh consciousness to reset the injustice, subjugation and an obvious ethnic agenda of subjugation,” he said.


In his lecture titled: “Yoruba People and The Burden of Unstructured Nigeria,” a chieftain of the organization, Dr. Yemi Farounbi, urged Yoruba ethnic nationalities to confront their problems with potent solutions.


Farounbi, who was a former Nigeria Ambassador to the Philippines, said: “Our people, irrespective of political and religious colorations must be a thinker like Chief Obafemi Awolowo to place the Yorubas on a stronger pedestal as a prelude to elections’ period.


“We need unity in the South West and we are not happy with the condition of Yoruba among Nigeria ethnic nationalities. Federating units owns the people and the land. But, we own the land and we don’t own the natural resources inherent in the land.


“We must find solutions to the problem facing Yorubaland. Let us follow the footsteps of the former Premier, Western Region, Chief Awolowo, who explored his knowledge and thoughts to prepare the South West and created platforms, which gave us higher edges over other tribes in Nigeria.


“Awolowo, who was the first person to introduce and implement free education in Nigeria in 1954 and first pilgrims welfare board in the country was a great thinker. Afenifere still and will continue to stand for restructuring of this country.” he concluded.





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