BREAKING: Russia declares temporary ceasefire, opens humanitarian corridors in two areas

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Russia has agreed two ceasefires in Ukraine to enable the evacuation of civilians, but is failing to observe one of them, according to local authorities.
Mariupol’s council says it is negotiating with the invading forces to ensure a halt in hostilities along the entire length of the humanitarian corridor out of the port city.
It comes after the Russian defence ministry said it had agreed to create safe “green” routes with Ukraine to allow children, women and the elderly to leave the besieged communities of Mariupol in the southeast of the country and the eastern town of Volnovakha on Saturday.
Ukraine said it planned to evacuate 200,000 people from Mariupol and 15,000 from Volnovakha, with the Red Cross acting as the guarantor of the ceasefire.
In Mariupol, buses will be used to transport civilians, while those travelling by car have been urged to take as many people as they can, amid strict warnings not to deviate from the route.
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