Bala Mohammed: Southern governors right on Buhari’s lopsided appointments

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Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state has said there is an iota of truth in what his southern counterparts said about the alleged lopsidedness in appointments by President Muhammadu Buhari.

It will be recalled that the 17 southern states met at Asaba, the Delta State capital earlier in the week and had on Tuesday, demanded a review of federal appointments to reflect federal character.

They had further asked the president should address the nation over the widespread insecurity and called for national dialogue.

Governor Mohammed justified the position of his southern counterparts on nepotism on Thursday, adding that “If you are not fair and equitable in your administration, in your management, if there is nepotism where only one section is given positions in government, then there will be problems.

“There is an iota of truth in what the southern governors said on some sections being highly favoured at the detriment of others. What we know in this country as a federalist is that there should always be a balance in terms of appointment of federal offices, even in the local governments.

“If you don’t practice fairness at the top, then you cannot get it at the lower table and people will begin to think of self-actualisation, self-determination and so on and it will reflect negatively. Unless we ensure fairness and equity in the leadership of the country we cannot grow the economy.”

Mohammed in addition dismissed the anti-corruption war of the current administration, saying some persons are treated as sacred cows, reiterating that “I think the federal government has lost any idea to grow the economy. What they are best known for is the blame game. They are not even fighting the corruption they claimed to be fighting.”

“There’s more corruption; perceptions are built that there are sacred cows; there are the gods in this country that cannot be touched.”


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