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‘Baddest Lawyer’ Ifunanya Grant dares NBA to do its worst, says she’s ready for them 

The self-acclaimed “baddest” girl in the legal profession in Nigeria, Miss Ifunanya Excel Grant, has dared the umbrella body, Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to do its worst, boasting that she will defeat the association.


TheNiche has earlier reported that the unconventional activities of the young female lawyer, who posts half nude pictures of herself on the social medial had attracted the attention of the NBA.


In a statement released at the weekend, NBA said: “Following the resolutions of the National Officers, the NBA has filed petitions at the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee (LPDC) against Ifunanya Excel Grant, a young lawyer of Aba Branch widely known as “the baddest lawyer” on social media.”


NBA said the complaints against Ms Ifunanya centred on her social media notoriety of posting pictures and videos of herself unclad and smoking marijuana.


But reacting to NBA’s move on Sunday, a defiant Ifunanya not only shrugged off the petition but boasted that she will floor the almighty NBA.


Using the allegory of the biblical David and Goliath, and apparently likening herself to David, she asked a commentator on the social media who reminded her of the pending petition to “tell them say David k!||Ed Goliath.”


In a defiant post on Facebook which indicated that she was not fazed by the petition, the controversial lawyer wrote: “Before I can light up my Igbo (Indian hemp), do you have any advice for Me? Note: Tell those people wey dey find me say I’m unavailable.”


In a flurry of exchanges with her followers on Twitter who commented on the NBA petition, Ifunanya berated a fan who suggested that the petition will lead to her trial and imprisonment, saying “abégi shift.”


When one Omachi Isaac Achor warned her that “NBA is after you; very soon they go jail you,” she responded: “Then prepare to join me.”


Answering a question on whether she “studied law just to frustrate the law,” the “baddest lawyer” riposted, “If INEC fit declare Tinubu president why not.”


In an earlier post in response to the NBA petition, the lawyer-turned-social media sensation cryptically wrote: “Them go feel it.” She illustrated her statement with a sweating emoji, indicating that she would make the lawyers’ association sweat.


While most lawyers who weighed in on the trending report chided her for allegedly bringing the profession into disrepute, a handful of lawyers however argued that the petition was misconceived, saying the embattled lawyer is not engaged in legal practice.


*Caption: ‘Baddest Lawyer’ Ifunanya Excel Grant puffing away on her weed


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  1. Odikwaegwu oooo! Hope you will enjoy watching your daughter do all these when you become a mother, may God come to your rescue.

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