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African Centre for Media and Information literacy sensitizes community on whistleblowing

Emmanuel Kehinde, Ilorin

A call has gone to disuade any act or form of wrongdoings in the society has been made to the community at large through the nongovernmental organization African Center for Media and Information Literacy (AFRICMIL) supported by the John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation which connotes that act of wrongdoings must not be swept under the carpet but be properly disclosed with adequate and cogent information which will be treated with utmost anonymity by the appropriate bodies .

The national human rights Commission state coordinator ,Barrister Jumoke Olaoye destinctively enlightened and enjoined all community members and folks of life to be encouraged to whistleblow whenever they detect any form of misappropriation of funds or community projects, data misrepresentation, discrimination ,criminal activities ,unjust or unruly behavior in the workplace,schools ,religious institutions , unethical treatment .

Earlier in his welcome address, the Coordinator, AFRICMIL, Chido Onumah represented by the program manager, Mr Kolawole disclosed that there is a need to combat corruption through early detection and exposure of mismanagement, bribery ,fraud ,theft of public funds and other illicit acts which is an effective tool in the fight against corruption.

Speaking further, Chido Onumah the best way to expose illicit acts is whistleblowing and as citizens we can not keep quite or acquiese to any act of corruption.

Speaking at the training the community chairman Bodesadu, Oba Labe Jimoh ably represented by Ajadi Jimoh wholeheartedly denoted that the training will expose people on how to fight for their rights ,fight child abuse especially the poor while enabling them to know their actual rights and how to go about it when it’s been violated.

Also present at the training were the Cheif Imam Bodesadu , Alhaji Ibrahim Nuhu Baba ,Iyalaje Bodesadu,Oseni Belawi Ramat Shehu who is one of the market women.

The training was highly embraced by the Bodesadu Community and participants were high in attendance because the training proofs to assist them in living a better life in the society.

Participants were highly delighted as their rights won’t be violated illicitly again.

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