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Activist Aisha berates married women who fight their husband’s ‘side chicks’

A notable female activist, Aisha Yesufu, has condemned married women who constantly confront their husband’s lovers.


Yesufu said that women who disgrace their husband’s lovers are no better than their cheating husbands.


Yesufu said this while reacting to a viral video of Bunmi Alade-Adekunle, wife of celebrity designer Seyi Vodi, who attacked her husband’s alleged side chic, Moesha.


Some days back Moesha, a social media influencer and fashion designer, was seen being attacked by Bunmi, who was screaming that she had been warning Moesha to stay away from her husband.


The video shows her and her friends assaulting Moesha, who was tying a towel, before stripping her.


Many have called out the wife for what they described as a wrong action, saying she should have attacked her husband instead.


Sharing her thoughts on the situation, Yesufu insisted that a wife has no right to go after a side chick as she owes her nothing.


She argued that a man is not a toy to be snatched and cheating on his partner shows that he is irresponsible.


She advised wives to face their cheating husbands instead of the side chicks.


Some Nigerians have disagreed with the activist, while others praised her for her stance.


Read the reactions below.


Ifunnaya: “Them never born that man well wey I go fight for or humiliate myself or my fellow woman for, them still carry am for bele.”


Cizzy: “Women that are lucky enough to marry responsible men sabi make mouth for this matter. Just pray it does not happen to you.”


Ishaq: “I agree with you, I was pissed when I saw that video, they did not try at all. We should learn not to take laws into our own hands.”


Bethel: “Dear side chicks if a married man ask you out and you say no you won’t die. Na long throat be una problem.”


Chebe: “I don’t agree with you on this, ladies showluld know when to draw the line.”


Darkskingirl: “Someone finally said it, I don’t understand the logic of fighting another woman for your husband.”


Saferness: “The first married woman that will make some sense about this matter.”


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