Abia Guber: Let’s be watchful, the wolves are here again

By Elder Madumere Okereke

Ndi Abia, the season of electioneering campaign is here again with us. It is a season characterized by ungodly sugar-coated tongued shameless and avaricious men and women promising us every good thing on earth if voted into power.


In our local parlance, they brand such promised goodies as “dividend of democracy”. The same day the result is announced is the day they turn their backs on you.


To make their false promises look real, they dole out bait cash appetizers ranging from N500 to N10,000.00 depending on their assessment of their victim’s poverty level. When they see that there is so much hunger written on your face, they will add some cups of rice and salt. They won’t mind that you need oil, tomatoes and fish to turn it into a good meal. Sometimes, they may give out some fake pieces of Hitarget wrapper to the women.


To pretend they care for your health, they will organize free medical outreaches without making arrangement for follow up cares. There is no limit they are not prepared to go to deceive the voter.


Who buys a second time from a fraudulent merchant?


Ndi Abia, hear it loud and clear: the “wolves in sheep clothing” are here again out to deceive us even when they know clearly that virtually all the promises they made to us 8years ago remained largely unfulfilled. In their wicked heart, they believe we are under spell and would not notice.

Never again!


Ndi Abia, it is time to say “no” to these same set of politicians who are only interested in serving themselves and their godfathers. They are not hidden for by “ their fruits you shall know them.”


Avoid them like a plague. They are in the words of Chinua Achebe, “a colony of blood sucking ticks at the back of a beast” who don’t care about the health of their victim until it drops dead.

Take a look around you and you will see evidences that Abia State is in a terribly bad shape requiring urgent resuscitation.


Abia is on life support. Ask the traditional rulers. Ask the tricycle operators. Ask the teachers. Ask the civil servants. Ask Aba City residents. The story is the same every where you go: government has failed us big time.


Dear Ndi Abia, for how long shall we continue to allow same set of people that have reduced Abia State to a laughing stock among other states of Nigeria continue to reign?


It is time to resist the unnatural situation of having “soap lather in our eyes while in a flowing refreshing stream.”


Let us say “no!” to those who have proved to us that the future of our children cannot be entrusted to them. Let us cast away as we would do to demons those who do not care what the true history of Abia would record about them for generations unborn.


Do not exchange your right to good governance with a mere fried ‘akara.’

It is time to get it right. Don’t be discouraged by the past when they carried ballot boxes and wrote results for themselves before the elections are over. That era is gone and buried. Your vote must count. Your PVC is your route to installing a God- fearing leader in Abia State. Your vote would abolish the corrupt pattern of local government system we are witnessing. Development at the local government level is a possibility and will commonly established under a new government of Apostle Dr Ngozika Gladys Johnson-Ogbuneke of the Social Democratic Party, SDP.


Monthly payment of salaries and pensions should not be a mirage. Doing business in Abia State should not be like pulling a tooth fighting dubious revenue agents.

Good people of Abia State, Apostle Dr. NGOZIKA GLADYS JOHNSON -OGBUNEKE, an experienced, passionate, patriotic and conscientious daughter of Abia State has stepped forward to demonstrate what true governance should be. Applying the same meticulous and compassionate procedure medical practitioners deploy in handling patients and backed by her experience as a human rights lawyer, she has promised to put Abia on the pedestals of progress within 24 months of being sworn in as the next Governor of Abia State. As an ordained servant of God, her word is her bond. Leadership by personal examples would be her watchword.


To her, everyone matters. Abia must burst forth in all known indices of social and economic development.


A vote for Apostle Dr. Ngozika Gladys Johnson-Ogbuneke, under the SDP, would translate to a VOTE for an administration with a human face, accountability, competence, capacity, courage to serve with transparency and fear of God.







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