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Abia-born businessman procures multimillion vehicle to reward Prof Nnennaya-Oti

Chief Steve Ukpabi, the CEO of Treebones Group of Companies has procured a multimillion vehicle to reward the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Returning Officer of Abia State for the gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections, Prof Nnenna Nnennaya-Oti.


According to a message, Chief Ukpabi noted with gladness the outstanding service to the people of Abia State as the yardstick to reward Prof Nnenna N Oti who was the Returning Officer for the Abia State governorship election.


Convinced that a teacher deserve his reward here on earth, he requested that a Prado SUV be delivered to Prof. Mrs Nnennaya-Oti immediately after it arrives in Nigeria next month.


The business mogul expressed deep appreciation to the University don for the service she rendered to Abia State by refusing to compromise on her conviction during the polls.


Recall that Chief Ukpabi of Nkpakpi in Ututu ancient kingdom has been magnanimous in reaching out to the populace with his God given wealth.


He granted waivers to students not to pay house rent for the year 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The students lived in his Sungai Pacific 65 self-contained apartment situated at Umudike for one year free of charge.


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