2023: Youths must brace up to make Obi president ― Adebanjo

Leader of pan-Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo has charged Nigerians especially the youth to brace up for the struggle to make sure that the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, succeeds President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.


He cautioned that making Obi become the next president after Buhari will not be a tea party because those who are there would not want to leave office.


Pa Adebanjo made the statement yesterday at the official public presentation of the book titled, ‘Challenges of Good Governance and Leadership in Nigeria: The Peter Obi Factor,’ by the Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF).


The nonagenarian reminded Nigerians, especially the young ones, who are rooting for Obi to become Nigeria’s next president, that they were fighting a battle where the oppressors would do everything possible to keep the position in order to continue oppressing them.


He, therefore, charged Nigerians, particularly the youths to tighten their belts and ensure that they put all their support into action. He charged them to embark on massive reorientation of their supporters to avoid being enticed by the politicians of the other parties who are determined to buy voters with their money.


“You must show them that their money is useless. Prepare your minds not to be bought with their money. Make their money useless by your positive action. Don’t let them continue to say that you don’t have structures. You will sweep them out with their brooms. Ensure that all eligible voters go to the poll on Election Day to vote and protect their votes,” he said.


The Afenifere chieftain described himself as an embittered old man, who has found in Peter Obi, a young man that would cool him down for a better tomorrow.


He told the youths that they are not voting for Obi to be president of Nigeria, rather they are voting for Obi to change their lives and their future.


“I am here to support any cause that will make Obi the next president of Nigeria. We want to change the system that celebrates and retains corruption. Young people must make themselves available on Election Day. They must mark every polling station/booth with dependable obedient followers; show them that you mean business,” he charged.


In his welcome speech, the chairman on the occasion, Dr. Oluwadurotimi Olulana lamented that hatred, lack of trust and corrupt mindset of the present crop of leaders had collapsed all the instruments of governance in Nigeria, stressing that honesty as embodied by Obi is the bedrock of good governance.


“We are not yet hopeless because we still have people like Peter Obi who can bail us out. And I believe that this book will provide solutions to our problems,” he said.


He told a story of how he met Obi in 2014 on their way to Abuja from Lagos in a plane and was shocked to know that the man walking in his front, clutching a briefcase, was a sitting governor of a state at the time. He said Obi’s action on that fateful day showed humility of the highest order.


“If anyone is saying that Obi is pretending, tell such a person to go and check his past records. He is humble to the core and according to the Bible, humility and fear of God brings progress, blessing and success,” he said.


He went further to describe Obi as the Moses of our time, saying, “He is blessed and anointed by God to change the whole vices in Nigeria and I want to confidently tell you that Obi and Datti will take Nigeria to the Promised Land.”


In her comment, Clara Eromosele, who represented Obi at the event lamented that Nigerians have not been able to take responsibility for their country, and charged them to take advantage of the 2023 election to own Nigeria.


“I hope we all have our PVCs. Those who don’t have their PVCs should volunteer to monitor the polling booths on Election Day. Don’t just relax after voting; resolve to work towards a good country,” she said.


She charged LP supporters not to be afraid or intimidated by anybody.


She said: “If we don’t vote for Peter Obi; if we get afraid or bow to threat, our vision will not come to reality. We must campaign for him, contribute to his campaign fund and do all within our powers to ensure that he becomes the next president.”


In his comment, the gubernatorial candidate of LP in Lagos State, who was also a guest of honour at the event, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, called on Nigerians to take advantage of Obi candidacy and enthrone good governance in Nigeria.


“I am happy that people have taken charge and we saw that on October 1, when people mobilized themselves on their own. We can’t afford to miss this opportunity; we must grab it. We must ensure that the energy is sustained till after the election. This is not by accident; it is destined and it is the will of God. It is not by accident that the youths have stood up to say that they want a new Nigeria. We must start to mobilize at our polling units,” he said.


While reviewing the book, Mr. Dele Farotimi noted that Obi was not a ruler but a leader. He described a leader as one who has the capacity to see beyond the moment and make plans for the future, a trait he said Obi has in abundance. “Obi did all that in Anambra State as governor. He is a charismatic leader and we need him to restore citizenship to Nigerians, because Nigeria as of today is not a place where there is any form of equality and where people are not equal, there is no citizenship there,” he added.



(Daily Sun)




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