2023: Teenage girl donates savings to Peter Obi’s presidential bid

A young Nigerian girl, Covenant Okereke, on has donated an undisclosed amount of money to the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi.

Okereke said the gesture is parts of her efforts to support Obi for his presidential election.

She made the donation on Tuesday when Obi was in Enugu State for a live interview on Urban Radio, located off Presidential Road, Independence Layout, Enugu.

The teenager said she was led by God to bless Obi with her ‘widows mite’ which she had saved over time.

The Labour Party presidential candidate was besieged by some of his supporters after the radio programme during which the young girl approached him to make the presentation.

Okereke said she has been trying to save money and had prayed God to show her a humble man whom she will bless with the money.

She said “God answered my prayers today. I live down the street and I heard Peter Obi is in Urban Radio and I rushed down.

“I was like thank God for answering my prayers. I am about to bless a humble man though I do not have name,” Okereke said

Speaking during the live programme, Obi distanced himself from a campaign application created by an unknown support group claiming to mobilize for him saying the Application named “Peter Obi Nation” does not earn endorsement of Mr. Peter Obi or known by the Labour Party.

He said “I don’t know about the application. It is not from me or any campaign organization known to us. You know, people can do everything thing to pull me down.

“Opponents are now sponsoring ethnicity and campaign of bigotry to pull him down.

“I have said this before, let us bring all the Presidential candidates, about eighteen of us; let us look at our background and past records.

“But, people are not talking about what we can offer and they are now promoting ethnicity and tribalism.

“I want to urge Nigerians to ignore all those promoting ethnicity, and look at qualification as well as past records of the presidential candidates and what they can offer,” he said.

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