2023 Presidency: US lawyer petitions FBI over Tinubu’s alleged drug link, identity fraud others

US-based international human rights lawyer, Emmanuel Ogebe, has petitioned that country’s federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), requesting it to investigate alleged drug link, identity fraud and money laundering allegations against Senator Bola Tinubu, presidential candidate of Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for the 2023 polls.


Dated November 14, 2022, the petition, a copy of which was sighted by News Express, was entitled, “Identity fraud & continuing money laundering inquiry”. Ogebe, Principal Partner of the Washington-based US Nigeria Law Group, attached the report of an intrepid Nigerian investigative journalist David Hundeyin entitled Bola Ahmed Tinubu: From Drug Lord to Presidential Candidate – via @WestAfricaWeek



The petition reads: “I write to you on a matter of grave national importance and mutual bilateral concern to the people of the US and Nigeria.


“As you are aware, there is considerable public interest in Nigeria concerning the amorphous antecedents of the presidential candidate of Nigeria’s ruling party Senator Bola Tinubu (aka Sangodele Amoda) especially in regards to reported false claims or misrepresentation regarding academic institutions attended in the US, questionable identity and more importantly US Court-ordered drug money laundering asset forfeiture.


“The office of president of any country worldwide comes with sovereign immunities and diplomatic privileges therefore there is a critical need that persons with ties to drug smuggling do not attain such privileges. In fact the US took the unprecedented step of moving against a president Gen. Noriega because of his ignoble drug role and its attendant devastating effect on the American public.


“In the light of the above, it should be of the utmost concern and importance that the issues pertaining to the criminal history or otherwise and true identity of Senator Tinubu be resolved and addressed once and for all.


“Firstly, one of your past predecessors in office, FBI Senior Special Agent Jennifer Dunn, in a letter sighted by me and addressed to Nigerian investigative authorities confirmed that no one with the name Bola Ahmed Tinubu graduated from Chicago State University.


“I therefore ask if this remains the position of the US embassy legal attaché or whether any stated facts have changed since that letter was issued over a decade ago. Incidentally a recent letter under sub poena also disclaims knowledge of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as an employee of Deloitte which he claimed as source of the forfeited assets in news interviews.


“Secondly, concerning the drug money laundering asset forfeiture, what happened to the identified drug lords and what other sanctions were imposed on Senator Tinubu et al?


“Thirdly, what action if any has been taken concerning recent revelations and or allegations that family members of Senator Tinubu had again more recently laundered money in the US by purchasing prime real estate without known sources of income, just like their father had previously done?


“This is a critical question in need of urgent resolution because if Senator Tinubu laundered drug money after graduating from school in the US, then again laundered money into the US using his children after he became governor, who is to know what new levels of international graft and financial crimes could be perpetrated once he appropriates paraphernalia of state and presidential privileges?


“Conversely if Senator Tinubu is cleared of any subsequent wrongdoing following the first forfeiture then his record as a fellow defender of democracy during the military dictatorship, like myself, will be untainted.


“Finally, what is the actual age and bio data of the said Bola Ahmed Tinubu in US records? Based on excerpts from recently released court documents relating to his asset forfeiture, it appears that he is actually now aged 87 at variance with his claimed age in electoral documents filed in Nigeria.


“It is based on this that I am requesting updated information and responses to these questions to protect US Nigeria relations and nations from potential corruption by bad actors at the highest levels.


“May I urge that you treat this with the urgency it deserves bearing in mind that in 2015 I similarly warned the US embassy about the activities of rogue American bad actor Doug Wead and his nefarious efforts to monetize the Chibok girls I sponsored to US. As you know, last year, Doug Wead was charged with fraudulently funneling illicit Russian funds into the Trump campaign – offenses committed in 2016 after I first reported him to your office.


“I thank you in advance for your kind attention and congratulate you on successful completion of your historic tour of duty as the first Nigeria American to hold the highest law enforcement position at the US embassy in Nigeria.


“Given your dual heritage, your greatest legacy could potentially be providing clarity to an issue that could significantly impact future bilateral relations between both countries.


“Thanks I’m anticipation of your prompt attention.




“Emmanuel Ogebe.”



(News Express)


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