2023: Nigeria’s next President will face daunting challenges – Activists

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Pro-democracy and human rights activists who met Monday during the Nigerian pro-democracy conference at Airport Hotel Ikeja-Lagos have said the nation’s next President will face daunting crisis after the clueless Muhammadu Buhari administration.

According to them there was need for all true democrats and progressives to prepare to save the nation from the morass of poverty,violence,humongous- debt and corruption Buhari regime will leave on the table for the in-coming administration.

During his address, Chido Onuma, Co-ordinator, Africa Centre for Media and Information Literacy (AFRICMIL) said the challenges Buhari is leaving behind must be met with creativity, intelligence and determination or Nigeria will continue to drift from crisis to crisis.

He said this would  be the case if the nation manages to survive,adding that the conference was therefore vital for the pro-democracy elements and the nation at large to jaw-jaw and rethink the options needed to build citizens alternative movement beyond 2023.

Dr Isaac Osuota, Director of Social Development Integrated Centre (Social Action), said in his speech that there was need for unity and collaboration to save Nigeria going forward.

Thus, he aired his joy that the conference was organised via cooperation involving Social Action,AFRICMIL,Civil Rights Council(CRC) and Peoples Alternative Political Summit(PAPS).He therefore praised the achievements recorded by the #ENDSARS organisers and youths of Nigeria but said that it was just a moment and not a movement.

The Chairman of the event, Jaye Gaskiya in his intervention stressed the need for preparation so that such moments as provided by the #EndSARS could be better utilized for effective democratic political out-come,saying there is apparent opportunity for the nation to achieve its purpose if those in the vanguard for democracy are better prepared for the change we need.

He and Professor Toye Olurode of Obafemi Awolowo University and others agreed on the need for effective education of the youths and involvement of women in the fight for democratic change,saying that women empowerment is vital for development of the polity.

Also, it was agreed at the conference of the import of historical education  and integration with the mass of the people to better understand the under-currents of society in order to effectively mobilize the mass of the people for  positive political outcome.

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