2023: It’ll be unfair, unjust if Northern govs fail to support Southern Presidency – APC chieftains

Samuel Amah-Ugbor, Abakaliki

Chieftains of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ebonyi State have kicked against the position of Northern governors over power shift to the South in 2023.

In separate interviews, on Sunday, in Abakaliki, they said the North had no justification, for not backing a Southerner become president in 2023.

South-East Coordinator of the APC Youth League, Comrade Okenwa Uka, said even though rotational Presidency was not enshrined in the constitution, the matter on ground, was an issue of conscience.

According to him, “Even though there is no provision in the constitution for rotational of power in the country, what we are talking about is an issue of conscience. Any zone or part of the country that desires it, should have to negotiate for it with the other zones.

“There is this feeling within the South, that the people have not been fairly treated and is not as if we don’t have people who are qualified to be the President.

“And so even though power is negotiated, the South should be allowed to take a shot at the Presidency at this time. The President of Nigeria is the president of all parts of Nigeria, and not a particular part of the country. I am of the opinion that our Governors should continue to negotiate.

“It should not be a war-like situation. I am of the view that diplomacy and negotiation should be deployed in trying to achieve this dream for the South.”

The Majority Leader, Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Hon Victor Chukwu, observed that the country’s democracy was a nascent one, adding the leadership didn’t need to refer to the constitution to address every national.

He added the North should considered the principle of fairness, equity and justice before putting up such a disposition on their Southern brothers.

He said: “The Northern governors have said the position of their Southern counterparts is unconstitutional and that’s their opinion on this matter. But I am saying that a country with a nascent democracy like Nigeria, should not always rely on the constitution to solving some national issues.

“You cannot discuss security and you cannot discuss unity in isolation from equity, fairness and justice. What breeds insecurity is unexpressed or unspoken grievances and anger. Where people are maligned and bossed to a corner, you begin to see insecurity and shootings and all that.

“I do not know what has formed this position being maintained by the Northern governors. Yes, democracy is a game of number. But common sense should tell them that beyond the number you have, there is need for you to be nationalistic and pragmatic.

“What would they (Northern governors) say is their justification for plotting to deny the South (especially the South-East zone) the nation’s Presidency, come 2023? What is their justification? Is it that they don’t have competent people or what?

“Employing the principle of fairness, equity and justice, there is nothing the North would present as justification for not supporting a Southerner become President, come 2023.”


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