2023: Group asks political parties to allot their presidential tickets to Southern Christians

All the major political parties in Nigeria have been enjoined to reserve their presidential tickets for competent and experienced Southern Christians in 2023. This position was canvassed by the Nigeria Equity Group (NEG) at a press conference in Abuja today, Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

The National Convener of the group, Dr. Emeka Nwosu, stated that this would guarantee the peace and stability of the nation.

NEG observed that by 2023 when President Muhammadu Buhari, a Northern Muslim, would have completed his tenure, the North would have held presidential power for eight years. It argued that it will be grossly unfair for the North to seek to hold power after Buhari as this may lead to national crises.

NEG said: “To shut out Christians who make up half of Nigeria’s population from power for 16 years, assuming another Muslim takes over from Buhari, will be grossly unfair and bad politics that will lead to deleterious outcome for the country.”

It further argued: “If that happens, it would mean that no Christian can hope to become President of this country in the foreseeable future. There is a zero chance of a Christian minority emerging President from the North when power shifts there again. The population of the North is overwhelmingly Islamic and the Christian minorities barely feature in the mainstream politics of the region, except in a handful of states.”

NEG further argued that the rotation of power to a Southern Christian would promote equity, inclusion and unity of the country.

The group commended the Southern Governors and some of their Northern counterparts for endorsing a Southern President in 2023, saying that this would ensure fairness and balance in the polity.


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