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114% Salary Increment for President etal: FG waited till Peter Obi made a statement before responding – Kolawole Johnson 

Head Director of Research Planning, Strategy and Act for Positive Transformation, Kolawole Johnson, said that it was when Peter Obi, candidate of the Labour Party, spoke about the news of 114% salary increase of officeholders that the government dim it fit to respond.


Kolawole Johnson made the statement in an interview with Arise News during the Prime Time program, when he was asked to react to the news on salary increments and how it got lots of traction, and with the fact that some other officials from that same arm did speak about it.


Kolawole Johnson said, the media have been taken away from the traditional setting and a lot of time people don’t know what to believe, there are some sources that someone can even verify things from. However, he said when there is such a news item in the public space in the first 24 hours and nobody is denouncing them, it shows they have given credence to that information by leaving them in the space.


“I think it was when Labour Party candidate, Mr. Peter Obi spoke, that the government dim it fit to respond.”


He said people have raised lots of concern and there were even people who were on the side of the government saying it wasn’t the choice of president but of the body charge with. He said government should learn to always act fast over any information they know to be untrue.




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